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    Automatic Reverse Film Packaging Machine
    Technical parameter
    Flow Path
    Pro Details
    Pro Video
    Apply more material blocksfsuch as betel, olives, candied fruit, Gong date),multiple packet soup, solid dispersing materials, small Electronic components of irregular objects.
    ■structure, stable function and Simple operation.
    ?The first third-generation double frequency control the bag could be set and cut, unnecessary adjust air without changing film color code tracking one pace reachs the designated position, il??s saving lime and film.
    ?It adopts imported electric appliance, touch man machine interface, conv-enient parameter setting.
    ?Self-cheching function, trouble can be read easily.
    ?High sensor photoelectric color chart tracking, make the cutting position more correctly.
    ■Dependant temperature PID controlling suitable for various mate-rials of packaging menbrane.
    ?Position stop function, no adhesive and no waste of membrane.
    ■Clean rotation system, more reliableoperation and more convenient maintenance.

    The quality and performance of the equipment are constantly improved. The appearance, technical parameters and features of the machine are subject to change without prior notice